11-year-old boy is crime-fighting hero


LOCAL Police in Palma arrested a suspected thief thanks to the help of an 11-year-old boy.
The 36-year-old Romanian has been arrested and charged with attempted burglary for an incident that took place about 8.30pm on Sunday.
The boy was playing football in his house on Calle Pablo Sarasate, de Palma, when said he saw two men jump from a terrace down into a neighbour’s house. The boy ran to a local bar where he knew the neighbour and an off-duty local policeman were.
The officer, accompanied by the house owner, went to the property where they discovered the two alleged thieves in the lounge.
However, as the policeman identified himself and attempted to make an arrest, one of the alleged burglars managed to escape. The policeman thanked the boy for his help.


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