Don’t slip up, call Anti-Slip

ANTI-SLIP: Lee Slamon and Nanda Vos will make you safe.

SUMMER is here and the luxury of outside living is upon us. Unfortunately, however, with outside living comes the constant danger of slipping on tiled terraces, losing your footing on wet pool surrounds and sliding on smooth naya floors.
Lee Slamon and Nanda Vos from Anti-Slip are dedicated to making outside and inside areas safe for you, your family and your guests.
Slipping and falling are among the most common causes of hospital visits in Spain and the injuries sustained from such falls can be serious. There is also a duty of care issue for owners of letting properties – if you have legal responsibility for a property in Spain then you are legally bound to ensure the safety of anyone who enters your grounds.
Lee said: “It is essential for floors and surfaces to be safe. European legislation states if a risk is evident, and the person responsible does nothing to manage the risk, they are liable.”
The process that Anti-Slip use goes far further than just cleaning the tiles. Nanda said: “The machine we use to clean the floor before applying the anti-slip treatment cleans at a pressure of up to 200 bar. It will not damage the surface, but it removes all built up debris in the area prior to application.”
Tiles are naturally porous so they are deep cleaned, removing moss, mould and slime. Then the surface is coated with the anti-slip treatment which bonds into the open pores without affecting the appearance or surface.
Here comes the science: The treatment reacts to moisture instantaneously, expanding and providing an anti-slip surface – even a wet foot will activate the process.
The same application can be used indoors too. The process does not use harsh chemicals to clean the surfaces and will leave your floors looking exactly as they should.
Lee said: “We offer a total home or business service. We will make a personal visit and conduct a detailed survey. We will then arrange a date to suit the client and carry out the procedure with minimal disruption. Once the area is treated we supply guidance and advice on the minimal maintenance the floor surface will require, and of course there is the additional security of our warranty.”
So call before you fall!
Call 966 480 437 or 618 722 984.


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