The Popular Party, not as popular as they used to be

Cordon Press
Cristina Cifuentes, Madrid's regional candidate, smiles inside PP headquarters after the regional and municipal elections in Madrid.

THE conservative Partido Popular (PP), which has been in government since 2011, are beginning to loose their mojo, according to Sunday’s regional and municipal results. The polls had 13 regions, the exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, and a total of 8,119 councils up for the taking.
The PP has lost its regional majorities, a stark contrast to the power the party held back in 2011. However the party has kept defiant, drawing people’s attention to the fact that it is still the most voted party in Spain, occupying 27 per cent of the polls.
Sunday’s proceedings also revealed a two-point difference between the two leading parties, the PP and the PSOE socialist party, demonstrating how close an election this really was. Both parties have in fact lost votes, the PP party losing a staggering 2.5 million votes, while the PSOE party was down 700,000 votes.
Podemos and Ciudadanos have managed to shake this election up, however, it just doesn’t seem to be enough as the PP and PSOE parties go head to head.


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