Gibraltar will have its say in EU referendum

Kenward Flickr

DOWNING STREET has announced that the EU referendum to be held before 2017 will use an adapted version of the General Election franchise, which means Gibraltarians will be able to have their say on whether to sever ties with the European Union.
The pseudo General Election franchise would enable British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens living in the UK, plus Gibraltar, to vote, but not the non-Commonwealth EU citizens.
The decision has been welcomed by some politicians as correct, with one saying that as this referendum is a constitutional one, the electorate should tally with those who are able to decide who sits in the House of Commons.
Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said: “David Cameron has been true to his word to the people of Gibraltar and, as a British part of the EU, our voice will be heard as part of the franchise for this seminal exercise in democracy.”


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