160 kilos of cocaine seized in Valencia


THE SPANISH police and tax authorities have seized 160 kilograms of cocaine hidden in a shipment of cocoa in the port of Valencia.

The shipment from the Dominican Republic was being smuggled in by a method known as ‘The blind hook’, which is designed to hide the drug in a container between legal merchandise without the owner’s knowledge, said sources from the Interior Ministry.

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The drugs, from the Dominican Republic, had been distributed in six sacks, and were ready to be removed by members of the organisation, said the same sources.

Criminal organizations that use the ‘blind hook,’ enter into a container that is shipping legal merchandise, and bury illegal items such as narcotics inside. They then fix a duplicate set of the transport seals without the owners being aware.

Once the container arrives at its destination, a member of the illegal organisation at the port would break the bogus tags, and carefully remove the contraband leaving the original seals intact.

The search was conducted by officers of the Provincial Brigade of the Judicial Police in Valencia, and the Tax Agency.


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