Picassos in the making thanks to Motril Council and generous artist


MORE than 200 Motril residents have attended painting courses for free thanks to an agreement signed by the town council and local artist Hangel Montero.
“The artist has undertaken this unselfish project to offer free painting lessons to people who cannot afford to attend private classes,” said mayor of the town, Luisa Garcia Chamorro.
The council has made it possible for Mr Montero to use the municipal building in La Alcoholera to carry out his classes on the condition that they are free. In addition, he has created paintings of the seven mayors of the town since democracy was established, which can be seen in the town hall’s protocol room.
The artist has thanked the local government for allowing him to carry out this cultural project.
“These classes foster the value and skills of many people who always felt the call of art, but could never afford to make their dreams come true,” he said.


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