Emaus in distress – Charity in crisis

A PEACEFUL demonstration outside Altea Town Hall was moved on within just a few minutes

EMAUS Communications Director Monserrat Fiter has spoken to The Euro Weekly News of her deep distress over the state of the association’s finances.
So many worthy organisations work tirelessly to help the Asociacion EMAUS in its work to support vulnerable children currently under the care of the EMAUS children’s homes.
This money goes directly to the children and for this, Monserrat stresses, the association is deeply grateful. However, in dire financial difficulties due to the Generalitat’s failure to manage payroll and tax obligations for the association, EMAUS staff who have not received a salary for months, including Montserrat herself, must now face difficult decisions regarding the future.
EMAUS Director Rosa Aragon has been in negotiation with Social Services for months to try to find a solution to the children’s homes’ financial crisis, made endless promises that came to nothing.
Some months ago the international charity the Diagrama Foundation expressed an interest in stepping in with a rescue package for the EMAUS group. Workers who had been without their wages for weeks breathed a sigh of relief believing that at last there was some hope that the EMAUS homes would at last find long-lasting security. Unfortunately, Diagrama has now withdrawn its interest and EMAUS finds itself in crisis yet again.
At this critical pass, EMAUS workers resorted to gathering outside Altea Town Hall at 11am on Friday May 22. Their intention was to call public interest to the plight of the children and to their own dilemma. They were moved on within five minutes, told by police that their demonstration was illegal and that if they did not disperse they would face fines of up to €3,000.
Sources close to the EMAUS organisation have told The Euro Weekly News that what is absolutely imperative is that the children’s lifeline to funding and support continues without interruption at this distressing time. Private fund-raising has always been indispensable to the EMAUS homes as government financial support has always been limited and erratic. Now, as the homes are constantly facing the threat of food shortages it is vital that public support remains steadfast.
What is needed now is responsible intervention by the government to ensure that the homes stay open and these children, who need us now more than ever before, retain some thread of continuity and security. In the meantime, EMAUS waits and hopes…


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