Meet Lucia and Hugo, Spain’s most common names


LUCIA and Hugo have been announced as the most frequent names for newborns in Spain.
The data released by the National Statistics Institute (INE), published on Wednesday (May 20), displays the 100 most common names in Spain of the 425,390 babies registered officially in 2013.
Lucia was followed by Maria, Paula, Daniela, Martina, Carla, Sara, Sofia, Valeria and Julia.
After Hugo, there was Daniel, Pablo, Alejandro, Alvaro, Adrian, David, Mario, Diego and Javier.
The INE also displayed the most frequent names of adult residents in Spain from the data collected in 2014. For men, Antonio, Jose, Manuel, Francisco and Juan were the most common. Amongst women, the most frequent names were Maria Carmen, Maria, Carmen, Jose and Isabel.


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