Foreigners bolster self-employment in the Balearic Islands


AS much as 44 per cent of the increase registered in self-employment in the Balearic Islands so far this year was made up by foreign workers.
Specifically, the Balearic Community gained 1,700 new, foreign self-employees, nearly half of the total increase of 3,899 registered until April of 2015, according to the data released by the Self-employed and Entrepreneur Worker Association (UATAE).
The total number of foreign self-employees in the Islands was 15,914 in April, which means that 19 per cent of the total (84,444) comes from a country other than Spain.
“The results of the first four months of the year are distinctly positive in terms of worker growth,” said head of the UATAE in the Balearic Islands. “Foreign workers are key in the labour market of the Islands.”
By countries, the largest number of self-employees come from Germany (4,110), then the United Kingdom (2,092), Italy (1,815) and China (953).


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