Local Police cycle team aiming even higher

POLICE TEAM: Didn’t realise they were starting something so big.

BECAUSE of a bet between friends Luis Felipe Vico, and Daniel Clemente, last year over whether or not their pal Juan Lopez would accompany them to Huesca to compete in a 200 kilometre bicycle race, the town of Vera now has a new tourist promotion team.
The Local Police buddies from Vera, Almeria, Luis, Daniel and Juan, didn’t realise they were starting something big when they began entering cycle races for fun in Andalucia. But when a local councilman Mariano Estecha Diego, saw an opportunity to promote the town around Andalucia, things began to grow.
Initially, he just encouraged them and managed to get them some transport. But as support from the town, and the number of riders grew, sponsors from Vera helped with signwriting of the van, and now even a team strip.
Now the whole town is behind them as next week they will appear in the city of Moratalla, Murcia. They say, once the great challenge has finished, they will go around the area promoting Vera’s tourism with our team van. Their dream is to have an institutionally supported cycling club of national status such as exist in some of the larger neighbouring municipalities.


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