From eyesore to oasis


WORK on beaches in Fuengirola to tidy up stream mouths is producing local oases which are not only removing previous eyesores, but also providing visitors somewhere shady to rest, off the sand.

Over the last few years the town’s council has been doing various things to try and improve the image of local beaches, and the current item on the list is to create gardens where streams meet the sea, an ambitious project with a €160,000 budget.
Mayor Ana Mula, deputy mayor Ana Mata and Works councillor Jose Sanchez explained the project during a visit to one of these new oases at Arroyo Pajares.
“The beaches are one of the most important parts of Fuengirola, therefore they must be cared for and cherished. We decided the streams needed work and thought they would be great places to create new gardens,” the mayor explained.

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“We’ve spent a lot of money on improving the coast, although we still need to find solutions for the chiringuitos and sunbed rental areas, but that’s down to the regional government,” Mula said.


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