Corruption in Spain


A REPORT by the consultancy EY (formerly Ernst & Young) on 38 countries around the world reveals that 69 per cent of managers in Spain justify bribery and corruption to generate profits.
The figure is almost double the average for Western Europe, where 35 per cent of executives perceive this conduct as acceptable in the name of progressive business, and it even surpasses that of emerging economies with a result of 61 per cent.
Portugal tops the list of most prolifically corrupt countries within the European Union, followed by Greece and Spain. At the other end of the spectrum is Denmark with a result of only four per cent.
The report found that 57 per cent of managers are pressured to find new sources of revenue in high-risk markets where there is a greater likelihood of corruption becoming a temptation. Additionally, 56 per cent of respondents in Spain have acknowledged that their companies invent and manipulate financial information.


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