Nine arrests for Hatton Garden safety deposit heist


SCOTLAND YARD say nine suspects have been arrested in connection with the Hatton Garden safe deposit diamond raid which took place over Easter.
In an operation that would have made Jack Regan of the TV series The Sweeney proud, the Flying Squad has raided 12 addresses across London and Kent, and as a result had recovered a “significant amount of high value property,” said Commander Peter Spindler of the Met.
Those arrested were described as being white, British males aged between 48 and 75.
At around 10.30am on Tuesday May 19 some 200 police officers simultaneously raided 12 addresses in London and Kent, and arrested nine men for conspiracy to burgle and recovered a large amount of property.
The police spokesman added: “A number of large bags containing significant amounts of high value property have been recovered from one address.”
Officers are confident these are items stolen during the burglary.


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