Back in time with the Moors and Christians

BEARING FLORAL TRIBUTES: The parade of richly-costumed Moors.

THE Moors and Christians celebrations in El Campello provided fun and entertainment for all the family last weekend.
The day began with a deafening clanging of bells at 8.30am followed by floral offerings to the patron saint at 11.30am.
A spectacular parade included regiments of Christians and the slow-marching Moors making their way through the town, each ‘fila’ more magnificent than the one before.
The procession included richly-costumed Moorish ladies bearing flowers and armoured Christians bearing arms, with music provided by marching bands.
As always on such occasions there was plenty to eat and drink, with a festive paella provided, large enough to feed any marauding army! The celebrations concluded with a salvo of musket fire and a fabulous fireworks’ display.
The 2015 El Campello Moors and Christians celebrations were organised by the town hall’s department of fiestas directed by Marisa Navarro, and the 2015 Captaincies on the Christian side and Ain Karim for the Moors.


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