Mother of missing Amy marries man accused of murdering her son


THE mother of an Irish girl who disappeared in Riviera del Sol, Mijas Costa seven years ago has married the man who now stands accused of murdering her son.
Dave Mahon and Audrey Fitzpatrick were married at a ceremony in Dublin on Tuesday May 12, according to the Irish Mirror newspaper.
Audrey is the mother of Amy Fitzpatrick, who went missing in the Costa del Sol resort on New Year’s Day, 2008, and would now be in her early 20s. Her new husband is set to stand trial over the murder of her son Dean.
Dean, 23, died in May 2013, as the result of a stab wound allegedly received during an altercation with Mahon in Dublin.
The couple, who had been engaged for some eight years, were joined by close friends and family at the brief service held at Kettles Country House in Dublin.
Audrey told the Irish press, “I’m delighted [to be married]. It will be nice to be able to say my husband instead of my partner.”
Mr Mahon, 44, is expected to go to trial next year.


  1. Well apart from the behavior displayed in this ‘turn of happiness’ she is either completely besotted or can not see beyond the end of her nose. What in gods name is she thinking. He topped the son, lets wonder if he had any dealings in the daughter.

    Get a grip you silly woman.

    Oh and euro weekly, a break in between paragraphs would not go a miss in your articles. Since the change of website your font, layout, headings and presentation has changed, and not for the good. Look forward to seeing you get back on track.

  2. Am I correct in thinking that 4 years before one go’s to trial. If that is correct all I can say that its one big joke. All that waiting relatives and close kin have to wait before this trial can be put to bed. I thought the Spanish legal system was bad but the Irish justice is worse.
    It a good job Mr Mahon is out on bale.


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