Charlotte the monkey causes disputes in Japan

Cordon Press

REGARDLESS of a flood of complaints received, a Japanese zoo which named a baby monkey after Princess Charlotte has apologised but said the animal will keep its name as the British Royal Family has not complained.
Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden in southwestern Oita announced last week that a newborn Macaque monkey had been given the same name as the new British princess due to public demand.
The public votes each year on the name the first monkey born should receive, yet complaints rained in after the name was announced as people said they thought it was rude.
While Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the matter, Japanese people asked how their countrymen and women would feel if the British decided to name an animal after one of their royal family.
Although initially an apology was made for the naming of the monkey, she will keep the name, according to Oita mayor Kiichiro Sato, who said the name Charlotte was very cute.
City spokesman Kazuyuki Adachi said: “We have decided to respect the feelings of the people who voted for the name to celebrate the birth of the princess.”
Meanwhile, a zoo official said: “The name was publicly solicited and Charlotte suddenly became the most popular choice with 59 votes out of the total 853 after the British baby princess’s name was announced.”
The British Royal Family is immensely popular in the eastern country, where their easy manner with the public contrasts with the austere image given by Japan’s own imperial clan.
During a recent visit by Prince William, leaving a heavily pregnant Kate at home, the Japanese media followed every step he took and front pages across the country bore photos of him dressed as a Samurai lord.


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