Ambassadors amongst six killed in Pakistan helicopter wreck

Picture of an MI-17 helicopter, similar to the model that crashed in Pakistan May 8

EARLY reports from the BBC say an army helicopter has come down in a mountainous part of Pakistan killing six people, including the Norwegian and Philippine ambassadors.
The incident near the Naltar valley is also said to have killed the wives of the Indonesian and Malaysian envoys and two Pakistani pilots. The Pakistani Taliban (TTP) said they were behind an attack bringing down the helicopter, but there is no confirmation of the claim.
A military spokesman, Asim Bajwa, told Dawn newspaper that the crash had been caused by a technical fault. The area is not a stronghold of the Taliban.
Mr Bajwa said in a post on Twitter that Norwegian envoy Leif Larsen and Domingo Lucenario of the Philippines had been killed.
He also said that five others were injured, including the Polish and Dutch ambassadors.


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