Tourist falls to death from Salou balcony

File photo

A UKRAINIAN tourist fell to her death from a fifth-floor hotel balcony in Salou, Tarragona, last night (May 6).
At approximately 9pm the 28-year-old woman’s partner is reported to have gone down to the hotel reception to explain that they had been drinking and had an argument and that she was outside on the balcony making a racket.
The man and the receptionist went outside and looked up to see her lose her balance and topple over the balcony, Europa Press reported.
The Catalan police have opened investigations, although violence has been ruled out as the woman showed no physical signs of the argument and the initial hypothesis is that the fall was accidental.


  1. I am not surprised. This is just one of many such incidents and the reason is, ALL balcony rails etc are far TOO LOW in Spain. Our penthouse and all those in our community have the same problem.

  2. The balconies should be high enough to prevent children falling. Drunken Easter Europeans will always find a way to fall. This is like the tourists killed in Puerto Banus killed trying to cross the A7 on the surface. Must Spain anticipate every stupidity?

  3. i was staying at the hotel at the time of when it happenend the reasoning for this is the couple was arguing which it wasn’t clear of what actually happenend whether he pushed her or she was drunk and jumped


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