Possible shark sighting sparks alert in Magaluf


BEACH users in Mallorca are on alert after what is believed to be a shark was spotted just meters from the shore off Palmanova.
Holidaymakers and locals stopped to take pictures of the huge fish after it was spotted swimming in the Mediterranean some five meters away from the rocky shoreline, close to the party resort of Magaluf.
The sighting corresponded with the Bank Holiday weekend, and the first major arrival of tourists to the holiday island since Easter.
Speculation is rife on the social media sites where people are guessing as to what the images reproduced by a local paper actually are. The most favoured theories at the moment seem to be either a shark, or red tuna.
While there are known to be around 90 species of shark in the Med, attacks are very rare. The last known incident was in 1986 when a Spanish windsurfer was seriously bitten in the leg. The larger danger to Med bathers would be jellyfish.
Shark sightings are typically rare on the coast of Spain, however several have been washed up on the beaches in the past, including one in Benidorm this year (pictured).


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