Organisers refute council statement that Malaga Rocks Mijas festival won’t go ahead


MIJAS Town Hall has announced that ‘Malaga Rocks Mijas,’ the festival whose line up includes The Christians and that is due to take place at the end of the month, has not been authorised and will not be allowed to go ahead.
Meanwhile the festival promoters flatly contradict statement, blaming a misunderstanding.
The councillor for Public Roads, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, said: “The promoters of this event have not even requested the necessary municipal permit to hold it. The city is not the organiser or a partner in any way of the event that is being advertised for May 29, 30, 31.”
The statement adds that, although the promoters of the event had not previously spoken to anybody in the council or applied for any kind of permit or permission, they appeared to be selling tickets and were promoting it by various means.
The council are also aware that the event is being promoted through various forms of social media and said council logos were being used without consent.
Even so, council officials said they had made contact with representatives of the organising company several times to warn them that it was not going to be authorised, and therefore could not be held. Because of this, Gonzalez warned people that it could quite possibly be a fraud, and stated that Mijas Council was “not responsible for tickets that have been sold.”
The Euro Weekly News contacted Lexi PR, the promoters of Mijas Rocks Malaga, who said: “The event is 100 per cent going ahead. There has been a problem with the town hall but with a lawyer’s backing we have all the relevant paperwork for the event to proceed.
“In the unlikely event, and I do stress unlikely, the event would simply be moved to another location and if refunds need to be made they will be made. The ticket money is protected as organisers have used PayPal.”
They added: “However, after a meeting this evening, we are in 100 per cent confidence that this event is going ahead as planned at the same location.”
A statement appeared on the festival’s facebook page on Tuesday evening said that they would be happy to answer any concerns via the site’s messenger service.


  1. Official public staement out in the sur in English and Spanish this week

    Please email me firect and ill send you all the info
    thanks in advance including signed documenst etc

    In view of the statement released by Councilor Juan Carlos Gonzalez from the ruling Partido Popular regarding the Mijas Rock Festival organised by, we would like to rectify our position in letting it be known that after reaching an agreement with the local council and having been given permission to celebrate the said event by the General Coordinator of Safety at Mijas Police Station, Francisco Montilla, as can be clearly seen in the document signed by him below, we engaged the services of one of the most professional security companies in Spain to organise the first of three festivals during the course of 2015:

    After months of negotiating contracts with bands including The Christians, The Universal, The Arkanes etc, with a view to putting on a Family friendly event to promote the area of Mijas and the intention of generating revenue for local businesses as well as creating job opportunities for unemployed residents in the municipality and donate a percentage of the revenue generated by ticket sales to two local charities, we would like to point out that the Councilor’s comments regarding not having been given the authority to use the Mijas logo in our advertising is not the case as can be noted in the correspondence received via email from one of his fellow Councilors, Manolo Navaro where he actually thanks us for choosing Mijas to celebrate the Festival:

    From: Manolo Navarro [mailto:************]
    Sent: martes, 28 de octubre de 2014 11:05
    To: ***********
    Subject: Fwd: Logo

    Ahí va el logo de Hecho en Mijas para que aparezca en toda la publicidad. muchas gracias por elegir Mijas.

    Confirmar recepción de este correo electrónico. Gracias

    No se encontraron virus en este mensaje.
    Comprobado por AVG –
    Versión: 2014.0.4765 / Base de datos de virus: 4040/8452 – Fecha de publicación: 10/25/14

    Most importantly Juan Carlos Gonzalez’s unfounded comment that the event organisers have fraudulently sold tickets for the Festival could not be further from the truth as the tickets are being sold through an ESCROW PayPal account where purchasers money is 100% protected with a guarantee of a full refund should the concerts not take place.

    We are currently in talks with our legal representative to find a solution with the Mayor of Mijas so that common sense prevails and an event that would put the area of Mijas in Malaga on the map and be known Internationally the way Benicassim has over the past twenty years is finally allowed to go ahead as planned during the weekend of the 29th to the 31st of May, 2015


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