Officer injured tackling axe-brandishing man

File photo

A MAN has been arrested in La Cala after allegedly injuring a police officer with an axe.
A Local Police patrol was sent to a home in Riversol urbanisation after neighbours alerted the authorities to sounds of a fight inside the home.
Upon arrival, officers reportedly heard a man shouting, crashes and sounds of glass breaking.
The doorbell was answered by a man who threw the door open brandishing an axe in an aggressive manner who refused to say whether he was alone inside the home or not.
Spotting blood in the hallway, the officers decided to call for backup and another seven police teams were sent out.
The police force later reported that an officer was injured after using a pepper spray on the man upon entering the property, causing him to wildly swing the axe about.
After a struggle the man was eventually arrested and he and the injured policeman were both taken to a medical centre.
Meanwhile a search of the home revealed that nobody else was inside but extensive damage had been caused, both inside the property and to neighbouring doors.


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