Death of chimpanzee sparks outrage in Sa Coma

flickr by Glen Bowman

ANIMAL rights association AnimaNaturalis has denounced the death a chimpanzee from the Sa Coma Zoo Safari, after the animal escaped.
In total, two chimpanzees were able to flee the zoo and one of them was found and shot, according to a statement released by the association.
“We have been denouncing the worrying conditions of animals in the Sa Coma Zoo Safari since 2013, as well as the poor security and possibility of contact between visitors and animals,” reads the statement.
They claim that the centre does not meet the minimum standards established by the law. According to them, the facilities where lions are kept is highly dangerous, as some of these animals have been able to force the fences with their mouths, moving them several centimetres.
They believe the situation of chimpanzees is the most worrying, as they claim that these animals are kept in an unnatural environment, which could potentially cause them high levels of stress and would explain the case of Adan and Eva, the two chimpanzees which attempted to flee the zoo.



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