Good place to be a mother

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SPAIN has been ranked 17 places higher than the UK in a list of countries that are the best in which to be a mother.
Spain’s seventh place ranking in the Save the Children list was just above Germany and below the Netherlands. The UK came in at 24.
In total 179 countries were listed in the charity’s Mothers’ Index, which looks at maternal health, education, income levels and the status of women.
The index found that Spanish women generally have good education with an average of 17.3 years of formal schooling. The chances of a woman dying in pregnancy or childbirth stood at one in 15,100 and the mortality rate for under fives was 4.2 per 1,000.
The charity also said that studies on women in developing regions like North Africa and Central and South America were often less likely than women in developed countries to have a bad outcome to their pregnancy.
As for the best place to be a mother, that was Norway, followed by Finland, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden. The USA came in at 33rd.
The only non-European country in the top 10 was Australia, which was ninth.



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