Good news continues for employment


UNEMPLOYMENT figures for Malaga Province continue their downward trend with 3,446 fewer people registered as jobless at the end of April.
This was the second largest drop in Andalucia behind Sevilla, which managed to reduce unemployment by 5,330 people, possibly due to the April Fair.
Altogether Andalucia registered a total drop of 14,425 in out-of-work people registered with the SAE Andalucian Employment Service.
Although the fall in unemployment in Malaga was spread across all the sectors, the services sector saw the best results with 2,940 people finding work during the month within the sector.
The next sector on the list was construction with 618, followed by agriculture with 237 and industry with 68.
On the other hand, the number of jobless people with no previous experience rose by 417.
Year-on-year comparison revealed that there were 12,990 fewer unemployed people in the province than at the end of April 2014, putting Malaga at the head of the region for improvements to figures.
Women continue to register higher unemployment levels than men in the province, with 101,309 registered compared to 87,144 men.


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