Desalinated water on tap this summer


TESTING at the Campo de Dalias desalination plant is entering its final phase.
It should produce water by the summer, confirmed Acuamed, which is dependent on the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment. This will go to Vicar, El Ejido and Roquetas de Mar whose town halls have signed up for the water, as well as Usuarios del Poniente Almeriense.
“Only minor finishing touches are now needed,” an Acuamed spokesman said.
The central government’s delegate to Andalucia, Andres Garcia Lorca, paid a recent visit to the plant which is now almost ready to begin operations. Once up and running it is designed to produce an annual 30 cubic hectometres of water a year, although this could be increased to an annual 40 cubic hectometres.
Constructing the plant and pipelines has cost €130 million and was part-funded by the European Union.
It will supply the domestic needs of 300,000 Almeria residents and help to irrigate 8,000 hectares of intensive, industrial agriculture.


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