Child obesity campaign launched in city schools


MALAGA City Council has launched a campaign against child obesity for the third year running.
The council’s Social Rights department aims to reduce alarming numbers of seriously overweight children by working with the youngsters and their families.
The campaign began with a talk at Eduardo Ocon infant and primary school and a screening of a video during which popular Malaga sportsmen and women talk to the children.
Nutrition experts then explained the importance of a healthy diet, exercise and getting enough sleep.
The campaign will be doing the rounds of schools in the city with psychologists, nutritionists and sports trainers on hand to give advice to youngsters, and includes activities and informative sessions on the beaches for the summer months.
The need for these campaigns arises from worryingly high obesity figures registered in recent years. According to data from municipal sports schools, 40 per cent of children that have signed up in the city have weight problems.


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