Balearic Islands issue minimum traffic tickets


THE Balearic Islands province issues fewer traffic tickets than almost any other in Spain, finds a new report.
Titled “Traffic tickets, collection or re-education?” the study published by the Linea Directa foundation has analysed the traffic tickets registered during the so-called ‘crisis-years,’ between 2007 and 2013, and showed that the Islands accounted for just 1.95 per cent of the total of tickets given of Spain.
The Balearic Islands were beaten only by Almeria (1.18 per cent), Zamora (1 per cent) and Alava (0.26 per cent).
On the other hand, the areas where the largest number of traffic tickets were issued were Teruel, with 32.3 per cent, Cuenca (20.9 per cent) and Girona (13.7 per cent).
The study also shows that 96 per cent of drivers in the Islands think that these tickets are mainly aimed at collecting money and 85 per cent think that speed radar devices are used for the same purpose.


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