Denia Hospital welcomes four new midwives

Denia Hospital -,Mick Brownlow

THE Health Department has welcomed to the Healthcare Network four new midwives who will be based at the Denia Hospital.
The hospital held a day of presentation talks on Thursday April 29. Midwives Marta Blasco and Paula Calero Deusa Lopez gave an interesting talk on the ‘Values, beliefs and motivation of midwives attending home births in Valencia’. There were also presentations on emergencies, upgrades in breast feeding and complementary feeding.
The Presentation Day was hosted by the Director of the Care and Health Services Department in Denia, Catalina Espín.
Hospital efficiency
Denia hospital is also a hit with local Mums who prefer a hospital birth, describing the facilities at the Maternity wing as “efficient, scrupulously clean and ultra-attentive to new-born welfare.” Baby gets a bath every day, with nappies, wipes and a fresh gown for Mum supplied daily. New mother Tina told The Euro Weekly News: “I had my first baby back in UK and I have to say my second birth in Spain was the better experience. Everything is so streamlined and the wards are so comfortable with great facilities.”
Heavyweight delivery
Interestingly, Denia Hospital assisted Spain’s heaviest baby to come into the world in August 2013 – Maria Lorena Marin, weighed in at an eye-watering 13lbs 7oz – 6.2kg – and Mum Maxine Marin did not even opt for an epidural!


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