Fathers in Spain still unlikely to take on child care responsibilities


THE latest figures on maternity and paternity leave from the Spanish Social Security Institute show that, although paternity leave is increasing, new fathers are still much less likely to take time off to care for their offspring.
Between January and March of this year, the institute paid for 70,521 periods of leave of which 69,254 were taken by mothers and just 1,267 by fathers.
While in Spain the first six weeks’ leave after childbirth must be taken by the mother, the remaining 10 weeks can be taken by either parent.
This does not affect the 15 days’ paid leave fathers are now entitled to after the birth.
In a similar way, although during the first three months of the year 8,987 people applied for leaves of absence to care for children or relatives, just 711 of these were found to be men, showing that in most cases childcare is still considered to be the mother’s responsibility.


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