Central Government plans protection for Almuñecar beaches


ALMUÑECAR will be prioritised in work to regenerate beaches after they were damaged during storms, the Central Government Office in Granada has announced.

Town mayor, Trinidad Herrera Lorente, explained in a press release that the government had already begun necessary studies to identify areas in need of breakwaters, which were expected to reduce the impact of heavy rains and strong waves that often damage beach facilities.

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Together with Castell de Ferro and La Rabita, Almuñecar has been considered one of the towns that most urgently need to be fitted with these structures.

“We wish to help the Central Government Office in Granada as much as we can, providing all necessary documents… so that the project can be carried out as soon as possible,” said the mayor.

Currently, the breakwater at la Caletilla is undergoing improvement work, although Ms Herrera has warned that other stretches of the coast are in need of major renovations, such as Cotobro, Veilla, Puerta del Mar beach and several areas in La Herradura.


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