Valencians can soon choose from any hospital in region

Flickr by Giacomo Callaioli

PATIENTS will soon be able to choose among all public hospitals in Valencia where they go for treatment and surgery.

This is stated in the decree of the council that regulates free choice in the field of primary and speciality care within the Valencian Health System and it is hoped it will soon come in to force.

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The new standard will mean a patient can choose to be treated by service specialists, such as cardiologists, orthopaedic surgeons and ophthalmologists, from any of the 24 health departments in the Community.

If the patient requires surgery, they may also choose to be operated on in the hospital of their choice. The only exception is for intensive care departments.

The free choice of doctor is not limited only to specialised care. Patients may also choose any family doctor and nurse within their own department.


  1. At present I deal with 2 hospitals, does this mean I can have all my treatment in one Hospital. That would be marvellous.


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