Local officers’ street savvy saves the day

Manolo Gomez on Flickr

TWO Campanillas policemen knew their beat so well they managed to save a man’s life in spite of being given wrong directions over the radio.

Felix and Jose Luis, long-serving officers in the town, managed to decipher the message and use their local knowledge to get to the right place within minutes after hearing that a man needed help.

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Concerned neighbours had notified emergency services after seeing the 43-year-old man lying unconscious on a bed through a window.

Although they radioed for firefighters to break into the property and an ambulance, the officers decided time was of the essence and broke their way in to find the man unable to breathe.

Quickly carrying out CPR the two managed to keep him alive until an ambulance arrived to take him to hospital in Malaga, where he was later reported to be recovering.


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