New teams to ensure citizen safety


THE Local Police force in Mijas has presented a special new team that will work to ensure citizen safety at events and celebrations that gather crowds.

The Unidad Respuesta Policial (Police Response Unit) is made up of two specially trained teams of five officers, and will also work alongside state security forces and the Guardia Civil when required, under special circumstances.

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“This was something Mijas needed, a team that could immediately respond to the needs of citizens when crowds gather or special circumstances arise. We want to make Mijas safer by having more officers on the streets,” said security coordinator Francisco Montilla at the presentation of the new team.

Local Police councillor Juan Carlos Gonzalez said: “Mijas has become an international tourist destination and attracts crowds, meaning we need to adapt our security services to the new circumstances.”

Gonzalez stressed that the teams are not Special Operations Units and are normal, local police officers with normal duties who volunteered to join the teams.


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