Campaigner pursues more Franco reminders

Flickr by PP Andaluz
Luis Rogelio Rodriguez Comendador.

HUMAN rights lawyer Eduardo Ranz has carried out his threat to refer Almeria’s mayor to the Supreme Court.

He has lodged a formal complaint against Luis Rogelio Rodriguez Comendador for maintaining symbols and street names that refer to the Franco era.

As reported recently in the Euro Weekly News, the former dictator’s eagle emblem was recently removed from the entrance to the city’s Celia Viñas school. Nevertheless, others remain in Plaza de San Roque, in the Chanca neighbourhood and at the Escuela de Artes school.


These reminders of the past display a patent lack of compliance with the Historical Memory Law passed in 2007, Ranz complained.

“Public administrations should exercise their powers by removing commemorative elements that singly or collectively praise the military uprising, the Civil War and the dictatorship,” the lawyer declared.


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