Brits head home as Spain’s foreign population falls again

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THE number of foreigners living in Spain fell last year, the third year in a row to see a drop in the number of migrants in the country.

According to the National Statistics Institute figures released this week, there were just over 4.7 million foreign nationals registered as living in Spain on January 1 2015, a drop of 6.1 per cent over the year.

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The number of Brits officially resident in Spain was 282,120, a drop of 6 per cent. 

The most substantial percentage fall in foreign population was amongst Latin Americans, feeling the sharp edge of Spain’s astronomical unemployment rate. Almost a quarter, 21.3 per cent, of Peruvians living in Spain left, while the number of Ecuadorians fell 19.5 per cent, and the Colombian population dropped 17 per cent.


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