Protester storms European Central Bank press conference

DRAGHI: Protester targeted banker.

A PRESS meeting at the European Central Bank was interrupted on Wednesday when a woman rushed across the room shouting, climbing onto the table in front of ECB president Mario Draghi, scattering papers and throwing confetti all over the Italian banker while screaming: “An end to the dictatorship of the ECB!”

Draghi has since stressed that this was not a protest by FEMEN, the feminist group known for its members stripping off and protesting topless against what they perceive as male economic domination, but actually a former member. 

Spontaneous lone protester Josephine Witt had gained entry to the conference by posing as a reporter. She was dressed in a black t-shirt bearing the slogan: ‘End ECB Dick-tatorship.’

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The meeting was suspended for a few minutes while the table was cleaned up.

Draghi succeeded Jean-Claude Trichet as the president of the ECB in November 2011. He was formerly governor of the Bank of Italy.

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