Mysterious ‘Malaga Midas’ suspect arrested


NATIONAL Police have arrested a young man for painting a dozen pieces of street furniture in gold in the areas of Rincon de la Victoria and Malaga City.

The accused is a 20-year-old man from La Cala del Moral, who was caught by police painting graffiti in the area of Avenida de Fatima a few weeks ago.

The young man was carrying a camera with pictures of the golden pieces by the mysterious painter.


Police have confiscated several tools related to graffiti art and are working on a report documenting the severity of damage to the painted street furniture.

A few weeks ago, Manuel Criado, owner of shop The Place in Calle Cordoba, Malaga, explained that a young man had bought six bottles of gold paint.

“Since it is a very uncommon colour for graffiti artists, I asked him what he wanted them for. He said he was developing an artistic project about the decontextualisation of urban objects from daily life,” said Mr Criado.


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