Refuges find dogs slashed by owners and left to die


ANIMAL lovers have been shocked by a growing trend to cruelly slash dogs’ necks to remove their microchips in bids by callous owners to abandon their dogs without the risk of being tracked by the police.

Andrea Maclean of SOS Spain said: “Hunters in growing numbers are guilty of this cruel practice as they jettison dogs that no longer have value to them, and sadly it could be spreading to other callous dog owners as well.”

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SOS Animals Spain are caring for Bodie, who is less than two years old and who was found with appalling injuries to his neck after his owner removed his microchip, leaving Bodie abandoned in the campo to die of his wounds. Luckily he was found and cared for by a refuge in Estepa near Seville, and he is now at SOS on the outskirts of Coin.

Bodie has had surgery and a drain was inserted to allow pus to drain from the wound. He had to be taken to the vets almost daily to have the drain replaced, and following veterinary treatment he has fully recovered. Despite the cruelty he has endured Bodie is friendly, very playful and affectionate, and SOS is hoping someone will have it in their heart to give him a loving new home.

SOS co-founder Tony Byford said: “Many dogs arrive at refuges like ours needing veterinary treatment and Bodie was a serious case. Microchips are a legal requirement but this is a cruel twist for bad owners to treat their dogs so callously and to torture them in this way, merely so they can’t be traced for abandoning their dog.

“SOS funds are always greatly stretched and much of our income goes on vet bills. If anyone has any bric-a-brac, books, kitchenware or other items that we can sell on our market stall then do please call us on 605 227 155 or 635 987 680 and we will do our very best to collect. Or visit our Facebook page, SOS Animals Spain, or our website



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  1. In my opinion this actions should be penalized with jail sentence, fines and community work. If you have a pet and for whatever the reason you can’t take care of it anymore at least you can take a brief time to find a new home for them, else you are not human, these people don’t have feelings or respect for life. It makes me really angry.


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