‘Spy-kit’ suspect accused of cheating on driving exam in Palma


A 43-YEAR-OLD man was caught by Guardia Civil officers in Palma allegedly cheating in a driving license theory exam with a so-called ‘spy kit’.

The man reportedly used a high-tech set up connected by Wifi, with a micro-camera, a transmitting pen and a device that, through bleeps and vibrations, allowed him to get the correct answers, which were being sent by an accomplice from outside the room.

The officers became suspicious of the man due to the way he was holding his test sheet, as he was holding it up in front of himself so his accomplice could see it via a camera.


The man is believed to have paid €2,000 for this kit.

Both men are of Asian origin, and the alleged accomplice remains in custody as he had a previous criminal record and did have legal residency documents.


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