The Firo Moors and Christians of Soller will cost ten euros

Flickr by dangarrob

SOLLER Council has increased the price of the Firo, the town’s Moors and Christians celebration, from the original 5€ to €10.

In addition, only 1,500 tickets in the shape of bracelets will be sold for those who are not members of Moors and Christians associations.

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These bracelets include entrance to all re-enactments, which commemorate the battles between Moorish invaders and Christians that took place in the period between the eighth and 15th century. In addition, ticket holders will be able to enjoy a welcome meal and transport paid for by the town council.

Organisers of the festival explained that, even though the celebrations have been free until this year, the decision to charge a fee was made due to the large amount of visitors, which has often exceeded the places available and consequently represented a danger.

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