Targeting Asian tiger mosquitoes in Palma


PALMA Council has launched a campaign to combat, prevent and treat the threat of Asian tiger mosquitoes

Councillor for Health Rosa Llobreara together with Pedro Morell, the head of the company in charge of plague control in Palma, Lokimica, presented the campaign, which will run until November.

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Palma Council has a protocol designed to deal with these insects with the goal of reducing the number of mosquitoes and stopping their reproduction, as well as preventing them from spreading illness.

Residents can prevent the proliferation of these insects by removing water accumulated in flower pots, fountains, buckets or other small containers every 48 hours, as the Asian mosquito usually lays eggs in places that hold small amounts of water. 

“The reproduction of these insects occurs inside homes between 70 and 80 per cent of the time,” said expert Alberto Chorda.

It is important for residents to keep their pools with appropriate levels of chlorine and not create puddles when watering plants or cleaning.

“This kind of mosquito is completely settled in the islands. In Mallorca, its presence has been especially felt in the areas of Poniente, Sant Agusti, son Dameto and Son Dureta,” said Mr Chorda.


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