Almeria programme sees milk allergy success


PAEDIATRICIANS at the Torrecardenas hospital have introduced a pioneering programme for treating children with cow’s milk allergy.

Over the last two years the unit has achieved a 92.2 per cent success rate with ‘specific oral tolerance induction’ (SOTI) therapy.

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“The programme is carried out with children aged over five,” explained Dr Jose Maria Batlles during a talk to the Andalucia Food Allergy Association (Avanzax).

They begin with extremely low doses of milk which are gradually increased if the young patient is able to tolerate them. Reaching the stage where they can drink an entire glass of milk can take around 11 weeks for low-risk cases or 30 where children have a history of anaphylactic shock.

“At present this is the only possible cure for these children,” said a spokesman for the Avanzax association which was created six months ago with the aim of raising awareness of food allergies.


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