Estepona unveils its latest impressive mural


THE Bougainvillea Pruning, a mural by Jose Fernandez Rios, has been unveiled at Victor de la Serna school in Estepona.

The painting, which forms part of the town’s artistic mural route, was presented to the schoolchildren during a ceremony organised by the school management and parents’ association.

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Representing a gardener pruning a bougainvillea, the mural covers an entire building with a surface area of 300 square metres, and aims to confuse the observer, who can be forgiven for thinking the gardener is a real person, the artist explained.

This is the 24th addition to Estepona’s mural route, and joins another two by the same artist: A Day’s Fishing, which covers almost 1,000 square metres and was declared the tallest mural in Spain, and Girl Watering.


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