Study finds 80 per cent of drivers in Spain clueless on roundabouts


EIGHTY per cent of drivers in Spain make mistakes on roundabouts, a new study has revealed.

The study, by Formaster Professional Road Safety Training School Association, points to lack of knowledge as to which lane to take to leave roundabouts being the most common mistake.

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Of those questioned, 75 per cent of drivers did not know the correct use of each lane, 68 per cent used the wrong one and slowed other traffic down and 45 per cent always use the inside lane and turn straight off it to leave the roundabout, reportedly one of the most dangerous driving habits.

Yet the bad roundabout habit that causes the most accidents and deaths is that of going straight through, cutting across other lanes, a habit 15 per cent of drivers admitted to having.

The association reported that in Spain, 33,978 accidents per year happen where roads meet, 20 per cent of these at roundabouts, and two people die each month in roundabout crashes.

To encourage better roundabout driving skills, Formaster has created a roundabout behaviour guide, detailing tactics including getting into the right lane with time to spare before leaving roundabouts and remembering that those already on the roundabout have preference.

Spanish roundabouts should always be entered in the right-hand lane, and the left-hand lane only used for 360 degree turns, the association recommends.


  1. Doesn’t surprise me, for Spanish drivers are among the worst in Europe, especially here on the Costa. I have always said that if they all had to take a driving test again 90% of them would fail.


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