Pablo Iglesias defies protocol to hand ironic gift to Spanish king

Credit: Ministerio de la Cultura de la Nación Argentina
Flie photo: Pablo Iglesias.

PABLO IGLESIAS gifted King Felipe VI of Spain a box-set of Game of Thrones DVDs when they met this morning (April 15) in Brussels.

Euro MP and leader of anti-austerity political party Podemos, Iglesias broke protocol during the king’s visit to the European Parliament to hand over the gift, which King Felipe thanked him for while admitting he had not seen the popular TV series.

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Shortly afterwards Iglesias commented that he had given the king the recordings of the four seasons of the series to “give him some pointers on Spain’s political crisis.”

This is the first time the two men have met, as a meeting Iglesias requested with the King back in February has not yet been accepted.

During his meeting with the Euro MPs, King Felipe stressed the importance of fighting terrorism, which he deemed to be a threat, within EU territory.

“Europe must work hard to consolidate a common foreign policy, contributing to global stability and safety,” King Felipe told the group.

The king, who on this occasion travelled without Queen Letizia, was given an insight into how the EU government works during this morning’s visit. European Parliament president Martin Schulz welcomed him to Brussels first thing in the morning and gave him a tour of the institution, explaining subjects currently under discussion.

Diplomatic sources have revealed that King Felipe has accepted an invitation from Schulz to speak at a Parliament session soon, although the date has not yet been confirmed.


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