Not the brightest: police say driver with no headlights had carful of hash


A MAN has been arrested reportedly carrying 1,200 kilogrammes of hash bundles in his car, in plain sight.

The Guardia Civil in Huelva must have thought they were being involved in a practical joke when they stopped and arrested a 34-year-old man in the city of Isla Cristina last Tuesday, after spotting over a tonne of hash, divided into 40 bundles, which they say was in plain sight in his car.

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The officers, who were carrying out a surveillance operation in the early hours of April 7, couldn’t decide whether the man was just dumb, or really dumb. He was allegedly driving past them slowly without any lights on, at night, in a grossly overloaded vehicle that he could barely see out of.

After approaching the driver, they saw the packages, and immediately arrested him on suspicion of public health offences.


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