Immigrant in your own country?

UK Border, Heathrow by dannyman

DO you feel like an immigrant when you go back to the UK? Do you feel you are treated differently to British people that still live there? Christine Hayes does!

Christine said, “Did you know British nationals wait six weeks to claim Job Seekers Allowance and other benefits? EU nationals entering the country have to wait three months, which seems fair. If you live abroad and return to the UK you are classed as an immigrant in your own country and made to wait three months too.”

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Everybody assumes that as a British citizen you have the same rights as any other Briton, irrelevant of where you live, but Christine believes this might not be the case. Asking for answers from a government that has dissolved until May 7 doesn’t help either, and therefore she has set up a group on Facebook to help rally troops for the assault on the UK Gov website when it comes back online.

Christine went on to add: “British-born citizens should not be treated like immigrants when they return to the UK. The government is discriminating against its own people.

“Many worked in the UK for years, they should not be classed as an immigrant in their own country of birth. Something needs to be done about this.”


  1. Thank you for highlighting this. I know for a fact this happens, it happened to me and many others are coming forward to say it happened to them too. UK nationals wait 6 weeks for JSA, EU immigrants wait 3 months and if you are an expat you are classes as an EU immigrant.

  2. If you return back to the UK to claim JSA regardless of the reason you probably have to wait 3 months because you made yourself unemployed by leaving the country in the first place. It has always been the case that if you were sacked or gave your job up you had to wait 3 months. Well that was the case years ago, I know that for a fact cus my first husband had to wait that long after having the sack. It was classed that he had made himself unemplyed. Presumably that is how they class it, however I would presume it would be different if you have children.

  3. How can you make yourself unemployed if you haven’t worked for years? I was told by DWP that I would be treated as an immigrant coming into the country, nothing to do with work.

  4. Hi leepy
    I read your article on the election,and I agree with everything you say,it does make you wonder what people are actually thinking .
    As you say I don’t know how the labour party has the cheek to stand up and say what it does when
    they almost bankrupted us when they were in.
    The fantastic amounts of money they talk about that they will spend is horrendous,where do they think it is all coming from,but we know don’t we they will borrow more money and we will be back at square one,why can’t people see this.
    Because I have been here for seventeen years now I can;t vote I have tried to register but they say I am not allowed to vote there must be thousands of votes going begging in Europe and it could be crucial to the outcome of the election.
    We should do what the Aussies do and where ever you are in the world they have to vote infact it is a legal requirement .
    I am very worried the way this election is going and I fear the worst.


  5. Hi
    So another policy the UK has got wrong. Instead of stopping them going to Syria we should be encouraging them all to go. And strip them of British citizenship.

    Keep up the good work.


  6. Hi Leapy

    My belated praise for your recent piece re. Jeremy Clarkson + Jeremy Paxman and again this week re Martyrdom. Why do world leaders get things so wrong when Leapy Lee (sometimes) gets things so right?


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