‘Technical tie’ in the race for government


A NEW voter poll shows that Podemos are still in the lead for votes in the forthcoming local elections but losing momentum. This fact combined with the Ciudadanos party’s continued and rapid rise, pundits are now convinced we will see four parties fighting for power at polls.

The new voter intention poll reveals that four political parties are firmly in the running for local, regional and general elections in Spain, which are coming up in May and November.

With only three points separating the first and fourth party, poll organisers describe the results as a technical tie.


The April poll, conducted by Metroscopia for El Pais, mostly reiterates the message conveyed by the public in February where upon Podemos, Spain’s new anti-austerity party, continues to lead voting intention with 22.1 per cent support, followed by the Socialists (PSOE) with 21.9 per cent, and the governing Popular Party with 20.8. Ciudadanos continues to narrow the gap between itself and the others with 19.4 per cent backing.


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