Llucmajor guarantees electricity supply to low income families


LLUCMAJOR council and Endesa have signed an agreement this week that will ensure people on low incomes or suffering economic hardship will receive help to avoid having their electricity cut off.

The agreement was signed by the CEO of Endesa in the Balearics, Ernesto Bonnin, and the Mayor of Llucmajor, Joan Jaume. They stated the purpose of the agreement was “to facilitate and expedite aid, and to pay for electricity for people in situations of economic vulnerability to avoid outage by default.”

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From this point on, anybody who believes they might need help with their electricity bill, will be assessed by the Social Services Department. If they fall behind with payments, and have been judged a case in need, the municipality will assume the debt avoiding the electricity being cut off.

It is believed that this action by Endesa and the council is in direct response to a directive in 2009 from the EU, which obliges member states to take appropriate measures to ensure a power supply to the most vulnerable consumers in society.


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