Casting session attracts unexpected crowds

Cordon Press image

GRANADA City was almost overwhelmed and police had to intervene when 4,000 people turned up to a casting for 400 television series extras.

Although the casting session was announced for 4pm at a hotel in the city, queues began to form at 10am and eventually spilled onto surrounding streets.

Nobody expected the massive crowd that appeared in hope of being chosen as an extra for El Principe, a Telecinco series currently preparing to film in the area.


People flocked from as far away as Almeria hoping to get themselves on TV and earn €50 (€60 if they were involved in battle scenes) while they were at it.

After having to close the crowded street, the police eventually decided to call the session off, causing those who were still waiting to be seen and saw their hopes destroyed to shout that it had been rigged.


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